“Michicant” cover & remembering how to piano

Coming back to NZ meant reuniting with my lovely piano, which I missed dearly. Any time I found a piano in Canada I played it, but that only amounted to about 10 times (strangely enough, you don’t often find pianos just hanging around) so I’ve been super excited to actually have regular access to a piano again.

The other day I had a full face of makeup on because I had a job interview, so I figured it was the perfect time to finally record a cover on the piano. Despite the fact that I’ve been playing since I was 9 years old and I know this song like the back of my hand, I spent an hour messing it up and cursing at myself. Eventually I remembered how to piano, but I was frustrated enough to not feel self conscious talking to the camera, so please enjoy the sound of both my talking voice and (hopefully) my singing voice in this cover of my favourite Bon Iver song:

EDIT (11/4): Clearly I’ve been away from the piano far too long because I published this under the wrong song name initially. Woops.

Melodies softly soaring through my Towers

The other day, I had the incredible privilege of seeing Bon Iver live. Basically it was spectacular. I did not expect them to sound almost identical live as they do recorded, and Justin’s voice is so unusual and good and I fell even more in love with the band and ugh so very very good*. I was kind of sad to not see “Michicant” or “Flume” but the show was so awesome that I’ll forgive them. Seeing as it was so great, I wanted photographic mementos but it totally did not work out well. This was the best quality one I got:

Terrible quality, I know. But really, who cares? I saw freaking Bon Iver live and it was amazing.

I should also mention that every time someone pronounces “Iver” as “eye-va”, I die a little inside. There needs to be a worldwide awareness campaign informing people how to properly pronounce it.

As well as having that crazy awesome experience, I also recently saw Death Cab For Cutie. I was kinda gutted they didn’t play “The Ice Is Getting Thinner”, “No Sunlight” or “Dream Scream” coz they’re my favourites, but when they played “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, it more than made up for it. “I Will Possess Your Heart” also made me crazy happy. I don’t know what it is about really long songs, but they excite me like nothing else.

Again, terrible photo quality. But again, Death Cab were pretty awesome live so who cares?

So the point of this post is to say Death Cab and Bon Iver are great bands, recorded and live. Buy their music.

*yay polysyndeton!