Favourite songs of right now (4)

It’s two thirds of the way through the month and I haven’t posted once! I’ve been having mad creative block, trying to think of something worth writing about. Due to said mad creative block, I’ve been listening to way more music than usual so I thought I should share the songs that have been running through my mind all month:

“Writer in the Dark” – Lorde

I’m in love with all of Melodrama to be honest, but for some reason, this song really stands out for me – probably because I’m a sucker for dramatic one-note piano parts (kind of related – here’s my cover of “Liability”). I bought tickets to her Wellington show later in the year and I’m so super pumped – I saw her in 2014 and she was amazing live.

“Stuck” – Noah Cyrus

I’ve been wrestling with my unexpected love of Noah Cyrus’ music, but I’ve come to accept that she has a damn good voice and sings some damn catchy songs – I’m now unashamed of my new obsession. I’ve been repeating the acoustic version of “Make Me (Cry)” since it came out but her new single “I’m Stuck” is unreasonably catchy and has such a cool rhythm, it’s definitely the best thing I’ve heard from her yet.

“Machine” – The Horrors

After three long years, The Horrors have finally released a new song. I’m loving the direction they’re heading in (but in all honesty, I’m such a fangirl that I’d be in love with anything they released). I can’t wait for the new album to come out (and with it, hopefully some NZ tour dates!). I’ve seen them live three times now (not to mention that time I actually met them) and it’ll never be enough.

“Sorry” – Halsey

I loved Halsey’s first album, partly because her songs are damn catchy and also because her songs are in the perfect place in my voice (here’s my cover of “Ghost”, if you’re interested). This song off her new album is really lovely and it’s definitely on my list of songs to cover when I’m next with my piano.

Favourite songs of right now (3)

Let’s pretend that the last time I made a Favourite songs of right now post wasn’t in 2012 and please enjoy this list of my current favourite jams – a mix of indie, synthpop, and regular pop, because I’ve finally broken free of my elitist indie soul:

Favourite songs of right now (2)

Good songs that I want you to love as well:

  • “Teen Idle” – Marina and the Diamonds
  • “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)” – The Vaccines
  • “Still Life” – The Horrors
  • “Pass Me By” – Jonathan Jones
  • “Stutter” – Maroon 5
  • “Heartbeat” – The Fray
  • “Always” – Blink-182
  • “Sexy and I Know It” (LMFAO cover) – Noah Guthrie (free & legal download!)
  • “Don’t Blame Yourself” – Andrew Belle
  • “Mylo Xyloto” & “Hurts Like Heaven” – Coldplay (played consecutively)

Other favourite songs of a specific instant in time

Favourite songs of right now

These are all very good songs and I totally recommend you check them out:

  • “Don’t Need Me” – Jonathan Jones
  • “Dive In” – The Horrors
  • “Michicant” – Bon Iver
  • “VCR” – The xx
  • “Thanks for Your Time” – Gotye
  • “Go” – Oceanship
  • “The Last Goodbye” – The Kills
  • “Anything But You” – Civalias
  • “Plans” – Birds of Tokyo
  • “Straight Lines” – Silverchair