Bonnaroo mixtape – musical recommendation + free download!

I used to sing the praises of free music site Noisetrade (here I wrote a more in-depth account of what Noisetrade is) all the time on this blog, but with the advent & ease of Spotify, I stopped using it as often to find new bands. But when I saw today’s email advertising a mixtape with artists from Bonnaroo I figured it was worth checking out.

I was totally right to check it out, because it is a quality mixtape. I was stoked to see the inclusion of “Leather Jacket” by Arkells (favourite line: “you call me up from a payphone, and I said who the fuck uses a payphone”), plus it also includes wicked songs from Boy & Bear, Civil Twilight, Twin Peaks, Beach Fossils, and loads more that I haven’t had the chance to listen to yet. If you’re into indie music (and getting it free & legally!), download it here.

As always, I’m totally into getting music recommendations, so let me know if there’s anyone I should be listening to!

Dave Baxter – recommendation and free download!

I like wonderful things, and as a patriotic New Zealander, I like it when people from my corner of the earth do things that are wonderful. Dave Baxter is one such man. Not only is he the main man behind Avalanche City (check out this song), but he also released an ep around Christmas last year. As I watched tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries, I noticed that the first song playing was off that ep, and it reminded me that I’d never shared it here. It’s a collection of beautiful songs and it’s also free, which is like the best thing ever. Download it at his site here and devour its perfection.

Favourite songs of right now (2)

Good songs that I want you to love as well:

  • “Teen Idle” – Marina and the Diamonds
  • “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)” – The Vaccines
  • “Still Life” – The Horrors
  • “Pass Me By” – Jonathan Jones
  • “Stutter” – Maroon 5
  • “Heartbeat” – The Fray
  • “Always” – Blink-182
  • “Sexy and I Know It” (LMFAO cover) – Noah Guthrie (free & legal download!)
  • “Don’t Blame Yourself” – Andrew Belle
  • “Mylo Xyloto” & “Hurts Like Heaven” – Coldplay (played consecutively)

Other favourite songs of a specific instant in time

Musical spotlight: TOY

Because I am a Horrors’ fangirl, naturally I look into things that they recommend. Finally I got around to checking out TOY and I really like them. I love songs that are way longer than is typical and that still manage to be really good; “Left Myself Behind” is a great example of this. Their other songs are awesome too, their music videos are interesting and to further make me like them, they have two songs to download for free here. Basically they are just really good, go listen now.

Musical recommendation + free download! – Ivan & Alyosha

Today I got an email recommendation from NoiseTrade for an album called “The Cabin Sessions” and being a Bon-Iver-loving-writing-music-in-the-woods-folk-hipster, I thought it sounded like it could be up my alley. The band is called Ivan & Alyosha and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who likes folk/indie music.

You can download 4 songs here free AND legally which is a pretty sweet deal in my opinion.

Musicians you should start listening to (2)

Ed Tullett – free & legal download here
He got in touch with me through tumblr so I checked his music out through the above link. If you like Bon Iver, you’ll like Ed Tullett. The music is definitely his own style; he described it as “falsetto/harmony rich acoustic stuff, with some banjo and other stuff thrown in”. Really you should totally check it out. It’s good. It’s free. It’s legal. Win win win.

Kiersten Holine – page here with free & legal downloads available suggested her to me and I’m all for getting free new music so I had a listen. She’s really good. What I’ve listened to seems to be almost exclusively acoustic guitar and singing, and her accompaniments are perfect for the songs.

Throwing them in here because they deserve more recognition. “Lisztomania” and “1901” are their most popular songs and rightly so, they are great songs. But “Love For Granted” is so beautiful and lovely; it is incredibly underrated. Phoenix is one of my favourite bands. It’d make me really happy if I found others who loved them as much as I do.

(Musicians you should start listening to 1 here)

Musicians you should start listening to

Hobbie Stuartyoutube channel here
The fact that he can make me listen to and actually enjoy Rihanna songs proves he is fabulous. His arrangements are beautiful and I love the way he changes songs to make them his own. He mainly covers popular songs (and generally makes them much better) but his original songs are really good too. And if you’re that way inclined, chances are you’ll like him for more than just his lovely music.

Jonathan Jonesfree & legal download here
I only discovered him fairly recently but so far, I love what I’m hearing. Being a pianist, I love when artists incorporate piano into their songs and I feel he does the piano-indie-rock thing really well. His songs are sweet and catchy; I really recommend you check him out.

Don McLean
I cannot count the number of times I’ve mentioned him and people have responded: “who?” He wrote American Pie. One of the best songs ever written. He is so underrated; his words & music are beautiful and his influence has been huge. Listen to Vincent (you probably will know it already and if not, now you do) and Castles In The Air. You won’t regret it, he is amazing.