Happy in the Spring

It’s midday on Sunday, I’m drinking coffee out of my mermaid mug and looking out the window at my lovely little suburban view. I’m feeling pretty content and relaxed, so it seemed like it was about time I did another happy list about what’s going on in my life: Last night my friend threw a … More Happy in the Spring

Things are good

I have a tendency to be an anxious fish. The past few weeks some stressful things happened in life plus I got sick, so I was a little bit of a mess. But I’ve noticed a peacefulness on my head this week which I want to hold onto, so I figured it was a perfect … More Things are good

Little things

I had a couple of very frustrating things happen this week – ultimately unimportant and inconsequential, but frustrating nonetheless – and I don’t want to let that taint my memory of the past 7 days, so here is a list of little things that were actually really great this week: Canada’s public holidays are spread out so that … More Little things