Happy in the Spring

It’s midday on Sunday, I’m drinking coffee out of my mermaid mug and looking out the window at my lovely little suburban view. I’m feeling pretty content and relaxed, so it seemed like it was about time I did another happy list about what’s going on in my life: Last night my friend threw a … More Happy in the Spring

July ’18 Favourites

TRAVEL: So obviously the highlight of this month was going to Rarotonga. You can read more about it here, but basically it was beautiful and relaxing and exactly what I needed. It also was strange, because usually when I tell people I’m from New Zealand the reaction is along the lines of “Oh it’s beautiful … More July ’18 Favourites

Scattered thoughts

I am just about to take a much needed break, so naturally my head is racing with thoughts. I’m getting them all out here, in an attempt to quiet my busy brain: Preparing to go on holiday is stressful when you’re the one responsible for planning everything. I keep having these terrible thoughts like “what … More Scattered thoughts

June ’18 Favourites

I can’t believe it’s already July! 2018 is shooting by, and I’ve written hardly anything in this blog. Some VERY EXCITING THINGS have happened, and while drastically improving the quality of my life, I’m also hoping it’ll give me more time to spend on the things I love – namely, music and writing. LIFE: The … More June ’18 Favourites

Bridesmaid 2.0

I was going to write a May 2018 favourites post but I didn’t get a chance before June started, and then this weekend a VERY big thing happened which has made me forget everything that happened in May: Erin, member of the Lipstick Brigade and one of my closest friends, got married. It was absolutely … More Bridesmaid 2.0