“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (Christmas cover!)

While I am very good at forgetting that I have a Youtube channel, this year I wanted to be festive so I actually recorded a Christmas song! Living in the Southern hemisphere, most classic Christmas songs make no sense for our weather but luckily this song doesn’t reference snow or open fires or staying cosy. … More “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (Christmas cover!)

“Liability” cover (it’s NZ Music Month!)

It’s May, which means it’s NZ Music Month! NZ Music Month is a celebration of  the wicked homegrown talent of kiwis, with radio stations playing more local tunes and people focusing on how awesome kiwi musicians are. Lorde is very probably NZ’s most famous musician, so I figured May would be the perfect opportunity to cover her new song … More “Liability” cover (it’s NZ Music Month!)

“Michicant” cover & remembering how to piano

Coming back to NZ meant reuniting with my lovely piano, which I missed dearly. Any time I found a piano in Canada I played it, but that only amounted to about 10 times (strangely enough, you don’t often find pianos just hanging around) so I’ve been super excited to actually have regular access to a piano again. The other … More “Michicant” cover & remembering how to piano