I started this blog before I even started university. I chronicled a lot of my frustration, inspiration, and procrastination here. And now, capping off 18 years straight in educational institutions – it’s finally over. I’m proud, exhausted, and have no plans to study again for a long, long time.

I am terrified 2.0

A few weeks ago, I finished my undergraduate studies. While I was studying, I was constantly plagued by a niggling feeling of anxiety, quietly terrified that I would fail everything at this final point.¬†Yesterday I¬†found out my results and now I know for sure that I definitely passed everything and that I technically have a … More I am terrified 2.0

On my Arts degree

I have no idea where my degree is taking me. I’m totally cool with this, because I love what I’m studying. I have never been set on a career path. I was not one of those kids who was all “I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up!” and actually went through with … More On my Arts degree

Excellent choices

“What do you want to study?” “Where do you want to work?” “What do you want for dinner?” My response to all of these questions is crippling fear and silence. Indecision rules my life. I have changed my degree twice, my major four times, and still I’m not sure I’m doing what I want. More … More Excellent choices

I am terrified

I think too much. All these little half-formed thoughts are running around in my head, refusing to slow down or transform into something understandable. And I know the cause. My first year at university commences tomorrow. I had been at my school forever. I never had to worry about making friends or being the new … More I am terrified